Vaisala Vietnam, HMT330-3E0A101BCAF100A0AAABAA1, HMT330-3E0A101BCAF100A0AAABAA1, đại lý Vaisala Vietnam


Model: HMT330-3E0A101BCAF100A0AAABAA1
HUMICAP® Humidity and Temperature Transmitter
Cable length: 2 m cable, +80°C, Parameters: RH+T
Display: Graphic LCD with backlight
Power supply: 10...35 VDC , 24 VAC
Signal output: 4... 20 mA, 0... 100%RH, -20...+60°C
Cable bushings : Cable gland M20 x 1.5
Humidity sensor type: General purpose and high chemical concentrations, HUMICAP180R - spare: HUMICAP180R
Sensor protection: PPS plastic grid & stainless steel netting - spare: DRW010281SP

Model: HMP60-A12A0A1B0
Humidity and Temperature Probe, Output signals: 0...1 V
Measured parameter for channel 1: RH
Measured parameter for channel 2: temperature (-40 ...+60°C), Sensor protection: Plastic grid with filter
Humidity sensor: Intercap, Probe cable length: No cable