Adage Vietnam, UV400 ATEX, TETHYS UV400 ATEX, Đại lý chính hãng Adage Vietnam

he UV400 ATEX, based on a modular concept, allows to monitor one or several parameters for process water, cooling water or waste water. The special enclosure and air purge system allows to use it on hazardous areas classified "Ex" like refineries and chemical plants. Mainly based on UV spectroscopy, well known for its stability and low operating cost, the UV400 ATEX can measure parameters like aromatics hydrocarbons (PAH), hydrogen sulphide, organic matter, ammonia, phosphate and turbidity. Each parameter corresponds to a specific optical module that can be selected by the user while ordering the analyser, depending on the application. Thanks to its automatic cleaning system and its extremely long life time lamp, the maintenance is roughly limited to the periodic refill of the inexpensive cleaning solution and eventually reagents depending on the parameters. A web-based interface allows the control and the troubleshooting at distance though an ATEX Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection using a standard browser on a computer or tablet.




The UV400 ATEX has a IP 65 stainless steel enclosure with an air purge system Ex pz to work on hazardous areas classified "zone 2" where a risk of explosive atmosphere is present like refineries or chemical plants. Two alarm contacts are provided if the pressure inside the enclosure drops below the adjustable setting points. This alarm can be used to switch off the power of the enclosure. A thermostatic vortex cooler can be installed as an option to maintain a moderate temperature inside the enclosure for outside use with high ambient temperature. After certification, a marking plate can fixed on the enclosure with the specified marking, example :