MTS Sensor Vietnam, 50kN Hydraulic Actuator, 244.21, Thiết bị truyền động thủy lực 244.21, Đại lý MTS Sensor Vietnam

Model 244 Hydraulic Actuators  
Typical Applications 
• Highly dynamic fatigue testing of components. • Structural fatigue tests. • Vehicle durability tests.
Standard Features
• Fatigue rated design for years of reliable service in demanding applications.
• Double ended, one piece piston-rod design combines balanced dynamic performance with higher side-loading capacity.
• PTFE high pressure seals are used for low friction and exceptional life in high frequency, small displacement applications. A low pressure wiper provides a secondary seal and minimizes contamination of the bearing and seals by scraping the rod.
• Bonded polymer bearings resist rod and bearing wear during high velocity operation.
• Internal LVDT provides the displacement signal for position feedback in a closed loop servocontrol application.
• Hydraulic cushions protect the end caps during full stroke, high velocity operation.
244 Actuator Options
Stroke Lengths – The 244 Actuator is available in standard stroke lengths of 150mm (6 in.) and 250mm (10 in.). Other non-standard strokes are also available.
Mounting – The 244 Actuator is most commonly configured with the optional 249 Swivel Base (see actuator accessory section).
The 244 can also be configured with a pedestal base for rigid mounting to a frame or reaction floor. It is important to determine the possible effects of side loading of the actuator when using this mounting option.
Other non-standard options include:
• Hydrostatic bearings for continuous high spead operation with high side load conditions.
• Trunnion and gimbal mounting fixtures for applications requiring a restricted range of motion.