OHKURA Vietnam, RM10C, Bộ ghi dữ liệu RM10C, đại lý OHKURA Vietnam


RM10C is 100mm calibrated hybrid recorder in a 144x144 DIN front panel and short depth of 150mm case housing. The recorder has versatility of universal input and scale in wide ranges and flexibility of user-reconfigurable unique functions. RM10C offers 1, 2 continuous pen and 6 dot point models.

„■Short case depth size of 150mm
„■„ IP65: Dust-proof, Water-proof
„„■ Wide LED with 18mm heights display
„■„ Allows user-selected consumables
■RS-232C communication interface in
standard specifications
„„■ UL, C-UL, CE approved
„■Weights only 1.5kg (Multipoint type)
■Optional portable housing case available