Hans-Schmidt Vietnam, DXF-120, DXF-200, DXF-400, DXF-1000, đại lý Hans-Schmidt Vietnam


Special Features

The analog display of tension meter DXF shows changing and fluctuating tensions fast and enables an optimal process adjustment
Large bending radius assures gentle handling of the material being measured
Roller shifting mechanism ensure easy acquisition of the running material
Special guides on the bracket assembly permit easy material acquisition
Built-in mounting holes permit fixed installation for continuous tension measurement
Special finger support located on the rear side reduces the effort to move the outer roller assembly
Model Measuring Range Measuring Head Width* SCHMIDT Calibration Material**
DXF-120 20 – 120 cN 140 mm PA: 0.12 mm Ø
DXF-200 20 – 200 cN 140 mm PA: 0.12 mm Ø
DXF-400 20 – 400 cN 140 mm PA: 0.20 mm Ø
DXF-1000 50 – 1000 cN 140 mm PA: 0.30 mm Ø