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The LM-SD is a laser based distance measurement tool used to measure distances from 0.2m to more than 100m with pinpoint accuracy.  A given target can be clearly identified with the help of a red aiming laser. The LM-SD has a multitude of applications from cut to length optimization, Crane/Ladle/Slab position tracking to coil diameter measurement. The applications for distance measurement and tracking with this tool are limitless.


  • Power input:  24VDC ±10% <1.5W
  • Analog Output: 4-20mA @ ≤500Ω  Accuracy: ±0.15%
  • Accuracy: ±3mm within 30m
  • Resolution: 0.1 mm
  • Measuring Range: 0.2 – ≤30m, 0.2 – 100m with reflector
  • Response time: Relay < 320 ms,  PNP < 300ms
  • Optional RS232 data and communication interface port


  • Visible red laser beam for ease of sighting
  • Compact and easy to install in difficult locations
  • Hermetically sealed cast aluminum enclosure rated IP66, includes cooling water connections and air purge.
  • High repeatability and service life
  • Up to 30m range for distance measurement, with the potential for more than 100m with target reflector
  • High accuracy and reliable even in extreme environments
  • Programmable analog output and switched output with user selectable parameters
  • Adjustable distance range: switched output can be shown as positive or negative distance