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The XPS-D4 is an extremely high-performance, easy to use, 4-axis integrated motion controller/driver. The XPS-D4 utilizes a robust real-time operating system while maintaining the feature-rich firmware of the XPS-D4. It offers high-speed communication through 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet, outstanding trajectory accuracy and powerful programming functionality. Combined with a user-friendly web interface with advanced trajectory and multi-axis synchronization features, the XPS-D4 precisely controls the most complex and the most basic motion sequences. Multiple digital and analog I/O's, triggers and supplemental encoder inputs provide users with additional data acquisition, synchronization and control features that can improve the most demanding motion applications. The new XPS-DRV11 universal driver module allows the XPS to drive 1 to 4 axes of any Stepper, DC brush, DC brushless and direct drive motor stages. XPS-D is fully backward compatible with XPS-Q hardware, software, and existing customer applications. Although the XPS-D is backward compatible with the older DRV0x cards, it is highly recommended to use the XPS-DRV11. By using the XPS-DRV00P pass-through drive module, the XPS can control voice-coil, Galvo, and third-party motors. XPS-DRVP1 can control NanoPositioning devices. All driver modules must be purchased separately. The XPS-D is EPICS compatible.