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Temposonics® R-Series V Position Sensors

R-Series V is the successor to our current fourth generation. The new sensors have higher resistance to vibration and high temperatures, are ready for Industry 4.0 and fit perfectly into existing applications.

The new sensors are even more powerful in use. They offer a sampling rate of up to 4 kHz with extrapolation. They also feature Profinet with IRT (Isochronous Real Time) and EtherNet/IP™ with CIP Sync (Common Industrial Protocol) and a typical jitter of ±2 µm.

The new Industry 4.0 features offer users great advantages, as they provide additional information about the process in addition to the pure process data (position/speed). Status and statistical data is recorded and processed during operation, and can be used to better understand the processes within the application.

In combination with the increased performance and improved robustness, the user is offered the certainty that existing applications work even more reliably and that future requirements are already being met.