New Cosmos Electric Vietnam, SDM-73, Máy kiểm tra bụi thép trong dầu SDM-73, đại lý New Cosmos Electric Vietnam



  • Simple diagnosis of the wear condition of bearings, gears, cylinders, etc. in rotational equipment
  • Monitoring steel dust contamination in hydraulic oil and grinding oil


  • Able to diagnose the bearing condition, even long before wear-induced vibration becomes detectable, by measuring the amount of steel dust in the oil around the bearing.
  • Simple operation – simply measured by an oil sample


Model SDM-73
Measurement Principle Magnetic balance type electromagnetic industion method
Substance Measured Steel dust concentration in lubricating oil
Measurement Range 0 to 19999wt ppm
Minimum Resolusion 1wt ppm
Zero adjustment Automatic adjustment
Amount of sample 1.5ml
Power Source 4 x AA (R6) alkaline drycells
Battery Life*1 Up to 30 hours by alkaline cells
Operating temperature 0 to 40 °C
Dimensions W84 x H190 x D40 mm
Weight Approx. 500g (including batteries)
Standard Accessories Carrying case, 2ml syringe (5 pieces), oil sampling nozzle (2 pieces),


syringe holder and 4 x AA (R6) alkaline drycells