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Raytek RAYGPRSFW Standard Focus Infrared Temperature Sensor with Coolable Housing & Air Purge Collar


The GPR is the standard sensing head to be used in conjuction with a GPC or GPCM panel meter to form a complete non-contact temperature measurement system. The GPR is not a stand-alone sensor.

Raytek RAYGPRSFW Offers


  • Non-contact infrared temperature sensor
  • Standard Focus version with 35:1 optics
  • 8-14 micron spectral response
  • Air/water-cooled housing option allows the sensor to be used in ambient
    temperatures up to 120°C (250°F) for air-cooled and 177°C (350°F) for watercooled
  • Air purge collar accessory is used to keep dust, moisture, airborne particles,
    and vapors away from the lens
  • Supplied with a fixed bracket and mounting nut