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MTS actuators are optimized to meet the unique precision and dependability requirements of testing. Our engineers use proprietary materials and processes to minimize friction, helping to maximize reliability, wear resistance and energy efficiency. That’s why MTS DuraGlide 244 Hydraulic Actuators are used worldwide in a variety of demanding applications from vehicle dynamics and structural fatigue to component testing, and are recommended for dynamic, static and fatigue applications. Long Performance Life MTS DuraGlide 244 Actuators are manufactured with an environmentally friendly, RoHS-compliant, rod surface coating and proprietary surface-finishing processes that set the industry standard for durability, longevity and performance. This MTS SureCoat™ Rod Finishing Technology increases actuator life expectancy by 10x over actuators with conventionally chrome-plated rods. High-quality Actuators for Testing Applications Testing Speed & Fidelity The MTS SureCoat Rod Finishing Technology reduces rod banding by 10x as well. Without having to adjust for rod banding, test engineers can keep the optimal zero stroke position and decrease the need for crosshead position changes that can disturb load train alignment. The ability to retain the zero stroke position over hundreds of millions of punishing cycles, will give more consistent testing results and speed the testing process. In addition, higher fidelity actuators reduce the distortion that can lead to measurement uncertainty and save time by producing statistically significant results in fewer batches. Energy Efficiency MTS actuators are engineered to provide maximum performance while introducing the minimal amount of friction into the test system, reducing internal flow losses and heat produced, thus requiring less energy to operate. Minimizing drain flow eliminates the need to use scavenge pumps that negatively aerate oil, further reducing the required energy budget. When these actuators are used with other energy-saving MTS hydraulic products, the cost savings multip