Krohne Vietnam, H250 M8, H250 M8 Krohne Vietnam, Lưu lượng kế H250 M8 Krohne Vietnam


The H250 M8 is a variable area (VA) flowmeter with electrical signal output and bargraph indication or mechanical indication with two optional limit switches. The compact flowmeter allows space-saving installation. It is thus highly suitable for installation in limited spaces.

The H250 M8E version features magnetic sensors recording the position of the float without contact or hysteresis. Standard system operation is with a linear analogue output in 2-wire technology (4…20 mA). The H250 M8M version operates without auxiliary power. The flow value as well as the optional two limit switch setpoints are displayed on the scale. It has approvals for use in hazardous areas and comes with a wide range of process connections.

Product highlights

  • The space-saving standard VA meter
  • PPS housing as standard, stainless steel housing as option
  • Optional limit switches or 2-wire 4…20mA
  • Ingress protection IP66/67
  • Full scale value for liquids: 10…6,300 l/h / 5…1664 GPH
  • Full scale value for gases: 0.7…180 m3/h / 25…111 SCFH
  • Turndown ratio 10:1
  • Accuracy: ±1.6% (acc. to VDI/VDE 3513, sheet 2)
  • Approvals for use in hazardous areas

Typical applications

Chemical and other process industries

  • Additives (e.g. catalysts, tensides, foam inhibitors, emulsifiers)
  • Acids, bases, phosgene and other chloridic substances, sulphuric substances
  • Condensate and cooling water
  • Nitrogen inertisation of vessels and tanks
  • Sample flow monitoring for process analysis
  • Gas sparging in liquids