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Máy đo lực nén lò xo - Mark 10 Vietnam - TMP Vietnam

Whether the packaged product is a medical device, a container of yogurt, or a part of a jumbo jet, proper packaging is an essential consideration for any manufacturer. Packaging must adequately secure the contents, yet also be cost effective and simple for the user to remove and reuse. To help quantify the quality of packaging materials, consider Mark-10 force and torque measurement products for some typical applications, such as:

  • 90° peel testing of adhesive tapes
  • T-peel tests of flexible packaging materials
  • 180° peel testing
  • Opening force testing
  • Score bend testing
  • Bottle cap torque testing
  • Coefficient of friction testing
  • Top-load testing of bottles and cartons
  • Foil seal pull-off testing