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CSDP series

Medium capacity servo drive CSDP

  • - Various motors from 1.5kW to 5kW
  • - Stable PWM control using next generation IPM
  • - High performance control function by adopting high performance 32bit DSP (TMS320VC33)
  • - Speed ​​observation function to suppress speed ripple during low speed operation
  • - Speed ​​response frequency: 400Hz
  • - Apply 17bit Serial Encoder

 This model is due to be discontinued, so please contact Customer Center (1588-5298) for further information.

CSDP Series Servo Drive  
14 CSDP_15BX2 Servo Drive CSDP, 220V, 1.5Kw
15 CSDP_20BX2 Servo Dirve CSDP, 220V, 2.0Kw
16 CSDP_30BX2 Servo Drive CSDP, 220V, 3.0Kw
17 CSDP_40BX2 Servo Drive CSDP, 220V, 4.0Kw
18 CSDP_50BX2 Servo Drive CSDP, 220V, 5.0Kw