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RBS is a positive displacement rotary blower with three special profile lobes that, combined with a low pulse system, reduce the residual pressure pulsation of the conveyed gas to less than 2% of the operating pressure. Thanks to new engineering technologies, the Robox unit includes all accessories and the ready-to-fit and exclusive SENTINEL electronic monitoring system. In addition the enhanced noise enclosure has been restyled and painted and provides improved noise level reduction.

Delivering reduced:

  • system costs thanks to the optimisation of space;
  • running costs thanks to the low energy consumption and to the exclusion of all standstill risks ensured by the innovative electronic control system SENTINEL;
  • maintenance costs thanks to the easy access to all parts for normal service operations.

The Smart Oil System provides one oil level (all models, only frame 1 excluded) to check from outside. This means that there is better reading reliability and lower oil top-up times. This is user-friendly equipment, requiring only one oil filling, resulting in lower maintenance costs.

The new performance cooling fan is designed for easy maintenance, all of which is performed from the front with the removal of the front panel or panels and/or the opening of the upper panel.  This allows for:
  • Better air circulation inside the noise enclosure 
  • Extended operating range capacity 
  • Greater reliability
  • Easy connection by means of terminal board 
  • Better efficiency due to inner enclosure’s lower temperature

Smart and compact design

Robox Evolution Compact Compressors

Because of the smart and compact design, Robox Lobe machines can be placed side by side, thereby significantly reducing the space they require and therefore the dimensions of the blower room. The result is that they allow for lower system costs.


Robuschi Robox Lobe achieves new levels of efficiency and performance for a range of applications in industrial wastewater treatment.

The Robuschi positive displacement blower package offers smooth and relatively quiet operation by utilising cutting edge technology with a combination of innovative components. Robox Lobe packages are equipped with IE3 drive motors and premium efficiency on request. Star/Delta starters are also available. There are inverter duty motors for variable frequency driver (VFD) for wide turndown capability and better efficiency belts with additional noise reduction.

The Robox Lobe package delivers reliability, extreme sturdiness and compactness. 

Peace of Mind

The Robox Lobe package is ready-to-fit the Sentinel electronic monitoring systems (Sentinel 2 and Sentinel PRO), which allow all relevant machine and process parameter control, granting reliable and efficient blower system operation.