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Future-proof emulsion processing: BEKOSPLIT®

Separating condensate always provides a solution when, due to the composition, the processing after the purely physical, gravity separation is insufficient for the purpose involved. This is generally the case with stable emulsions, which often result from mineral or synthetic compressor oils in the compressed air condensate. For this purpose, the emulsion-containing wastewater is flocculated in the emulsion splitting plant via a non-toxic, natural splitting agent.

The solution: splitting instead of separating

The BEKOSPLIT emulsion splitting plant enables reliable, economical and company-internal processing of emulsified condensate, which has resulted from unfavourable initial operating conditions or due to certain lubricant-compressor combinations. Insoluble in water organic contaminations and soiling like oil and solid contamination will be removed by the addition of a special splitting agent. The discharged water can subsequently be safely routed into the wastewater sewer system. This has been confirmed to us by the Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt). 

German type approval

The legislator demands a professional, responsible and safe handling for the discharged condensate. Our BEKOSPLIT emulsion processing plants combine environmental protection and cost-effectiveness for the disposal of emulsified condensates. They thereby enable legally compliant, environmentally friendly and cost-effective condensate processing directly at the point of origin.