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Industrial applications which require germ-free compressed air are constantly increasing, also under extreme conditions. In addition to the high retention efficiency for bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms, it is important to achieve high through flow rates at low pressure differences. Even with minimum filter work load, the separation performance must be ensured.

A housing for two filters

In sensitive areas such as the food industry, in dairies and breweries, but also in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, CLEARPOINT sterile filters are a convincing solution: suitable for indirect food contact, usable up to 180 °C (356 °F) and especially durable due to the CLEARPOINT steam filters - each integrated in a high quality stainless steel housing.

Sterile compressed air

The CLEARPOINT sterile filters fulfil all these requirements and are internationally approved for indirect food contact according to FDA CFR Title 21 and 1935/2004/EC. The high-quality flow-optimised stainless steel housing, in combination with the hydrophobic depth medium, ensures maximum process reliability. In order to ensure that the sterile filters remain sterile, they must be sterilised with saturated steam at regular intervals. BEKO TECHNOLOGIES hereby provides CLEARPOINT steam filters as a solution. The sintered stainless steel vapour filter elements utilise the same housing as the sterile filters.