Hans-Schmidt Vietnam, ETPB-100, ETPX-100, ETPB-200, ETPX-200, ETPB-500, ETPX-500, dai ly Hans-Schmidt Vietnam


Special Features

Tension meter ETPB and ETPX with ceramic pins mounted on long shafts to reach into tightest places
Hand-held instrument with non-rotating ceramic pins (outer pins V-grooved) for line speed max. 6000 m/min, for line speed up to max. 2000 m/min model ETB or model ETX may be used
Coloured, backlight TFT display with 3 different display modes
– numeric
– numeric with live bargraph
– numeric with graph (time-tension)
The display rotates in 90° steps for better reading
Automatic “Zero-Setting” in each measuring position using a special sensor technique
Selectable units of measurement: cN, g, N and lb
Very high data sampling rate (internal 1 kHz)
Storage of MIN, MAX, last reading, average and standard deviation per measuring interval
User-set MIN and MAX alarms with indication of TFT display if reading is out of limits
Adjustable electronic damping for better reading when tension fluctuates
3 separate calibration material memory locations for custom calibrations
Calibration adjustment for fine tuning of the calibration if material differs from the used calibration material
Menu set-up in English or German language
Model Model Measuring Range Resolution Measuring Head Width* SCHMIDT Calibration Material**
ETPB-100 ETPX-100 0.3 – 100.0 cN 0.1 cN 22 mm PA: 0.20 mm Ø
ETPB-200 ETPX-200 2.0 – 200.0 cN 0.1 cN 22 mm PA: 0.20 mm Ø
ETPB-500 ETPX-500 2.0 – 500.0 cN 0.1 cN 22 mm PA: 0.20 mm Ø