Koehler Instrument Vietnam, K47001, Autoignition Apparatus K47001, đại lý Koehler Instrument Vietnam

Modified crucible furnace with digital thermocouple readout of flask temperature at prescribed points per ASTM specifications. Furnace provides rapid response and ±1°C stability throughout the operating range from Ambient to 1200°C. Cylindrical heating chamber provides excellent radial temperature uniformity. Furnace cover has ports for flask exterior thermocouples, and a borosilicate glass thermocouple tube is provided to assure correct positioning of the gas temperature thermocouple inside the test flask. Thermocouples plug directly into the furnace control unit for quick disconnection when removing the flask. A hinged holder in the cover facilitates handling of the test flask. Adjustable mirror permits safe viewing of the flask interior during testing. Touch Screen Control panel has temperature controls and digital thermocouple readout with all temperatures displayed on a single screen.