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Raytek RAYMI302LTSCB30 Infrared Temperature Sensor with 30m Cable, 2:1 Optics, -40 to 600°C (-40 to 1112°F)

Model: RAYMI302LTSCB30

The MI3 is a rugged, IP65-rated miniature sensing head that can be placed in harsh environments inaccessible to conventional sensors. The MI3 is not a stand-alone sensor and must be purchased in conjunction with MI3MCOMM communication box to function.

Raytek RAYMI302LTSCB30 Offers

Must purchase the RAYMI3COMM in order for the instrument to function.

Low temperature sensor with a measurement range of -40 to 600°C (-40 to 1112°F) and a fast response (<130ms), provides an impressive array of solutions for your process needs. The miniature stainless steel sensing head is small enough to fit in many places that are inaccessible to conventional sensors and rugged enough to ensure reliable long term performance in the harshest industrial environments; it can survive ambient temperatures of 14 to 248°F (-10 to 120°C) without cooling. Although the MI3 sensor is small in size, it has all the performance you need– with 1% accuracy and a choice of high resolution optics up to 10:1.

Raytek RAYMI302LTSCB30 Specifications

Temperature Range -40 to 600ºC (-40 to 1112ºF)
Accuracy ±1% of reading or ±2.5°C, whichever is greater
Optical Resolution 2:1 Distance : Spot size
Ambient Temperature 120ºC (248ºF) maximum
Environmental Rating IP 65 (NEMA-4)
Construction Stainless steel
Cable Material PUR halogen free, flame retardant insulation