Kumgyong Yamato Vietnam, E6(3)P-EC9-U2(S1), Máy cân thức ăn E6(3)P-EC9-U2(S1), Đại lý Kumgyong Yamato Vietnam


Constant feed weigher forms an integral part for blending bulk materials at continuous process in raw material industry and food industry etc.

Electronic type has many advatages comparing with the mechanical type.

Yamato electronic constant feed weigher assure accurate performance and minimum maintenance in continuous blending system requiring 24 hours operation.


Model : E6(3)P-EC9-U2(S1)
Capacity : MAX. 1,000 t/h
Control Range : MAX 1:10
Weighing Accuracy : ±1/200 of F.S
Control Accuracy : ±1/100 of F.S
Motor : Inverter Motor
Belt Width : 450 ~ 1,500 mm