Gardner Denver Vietnam, ROBOX AQUA, ROBOX AQUA Robuschi, Đại lý Gardner Denver Vietnam


Extremely compact

The package offers a reduced footprint in order to match the limited space available on barges.

Robox Aqua Twin Compressor

Improved efficiency

Thanks its new layout, the Robox AQUA is able to supply higher flow rates compared to the size (+50%).

Low noise

Intelligent noise reduction solution guarantees noise levels of below 80 dB(A) with sound enclosure.

Easy installation

The new rotary lobe blower package has fewer components and is therefore easier to install - especially when available space is rare.

Long uptime and low service costs

The new compact layout with direct coupling offers minimum maintenance and long service life.

Modular and stackable design

Robox AQUA is stackable enabling installation on scaffold structures to reduce space constraints.

Robox Aqua Twin Compressor